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Steve Harrison


Steve is a country boy at heart. Raised by two teachers in a rural Pennsylvania town, Steve grew up on over 100 acres, fishing, hiking, and running a small time farm. Hard work was a part of daily life, and he was never finished with a task watching a clock, only until the job was done.
Graduating from Penn State with a BA in Broadcasting (radio specialty) in 1992, Steve was a news producer, DJ, copywriter, and Program Director in the years following. Transitioning into teaching in 1997, he’s spent the last 25 years instructing students in chemistry, biology, and various other sciences in Florida.
Steve always maintained a love for music, radio, and over his years in education, he developed a clear vocal delivery and sense of humor that endeared his students to him. Upon hearing feedback at least twice a day, every day for years, Steve was finally compelled to turn to his roots. He bought a log cabin on some acreage overlooking beautiful Kachemak Bay and the mountains near Homer Alaska, where he fulfills his dream of doing voice overs to this day.